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Events – Book 1


Great pieces for recitals, competitions, school and personal enjoyment. These pieces are winners with both children and adults. It is hard to stop playing these pieces. View full description of set and individual books below.

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The pieces in Events Book 1 have truly become memorialized in the hearts of all the students, teachers and parents who have played, taught and listened to them. Spanish Dance, for instance, has been every student’s “favorite piece” when they first learned it. In ABA form, the piece has two themes that bear a characteristic Spanish flavor and are in two different tempos. The triplet near the end imposes a little extra work…Actually, each piece in the four books of Events  has an important function in shaping the musical and technical development of the student… Penguins introduces the need to transfer fingers on the same key. It also contrasts perfectly with pieces on either side of it: Spanish Dance and Solitude are horizontal “in feel” for the most part, whereas, Penguins has a vertical feeling…. Splashing Waters features broken chords and scales divided between the two hands in flowing cascades of sound. The need to transfer seamlessly from one hand to the other is evident.….. Next is Melody in A with the familiar Alberti bass. The endearing tune takes an unexpected twist in measure 8 and slips in a sly chromatic passing tone in measure 12.…. Alternating broken chords characterize Gyroscope which has clear patterning and colorful changes of its “all – major” triads  The coda can be played two different ways: in 6/8 as implied or in 3/4- – hemiola style…. The last piece in Events Book 1 is a Toccata in every sense of the word. Students feel like a real pianist when they can play it. Excellent for recitals, auditions and school shows, students keep these pieces in their repertoire much longer than the usual early elementary fare.

Book 1 Songs:

  • Spanish Dance
  • Penguins
  • Solitude
  • Splashing Waters
  • Melody in A
  • Gyroscope
  • Toccata

This book is part of the complete Events 4-Book Set.

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