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Events – Book 2


Great pieces for recitals, competitions, school and personal enjoyment. These pieces are winners with both children and adults. It is hard to stop playing these pieces. View full description of set and individual books below.

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Events Book 2 is another block-buster set of solos for students of all ages. Skeleton Bones is a piece in the minor mode – full of surprises and new technical challenges, such as using a quarter note chromatic scale in the left hand against an 8th note jingling figure in the RH – which is more than worth the effort to learn…. Autumn Haze, in a natural minor mode, is full of atmosphere and nostalgia. It’s haunting melody stays with you and helps you to memorize the piece. ….. Ping Pong is a one-of-a-kind, flash of sounds that draws excitement and applause every time it is played….Rhythm is at the core of Kalahari with its open 5ths and hypnotic beat….The characteristically Spanish interval of the third bounces through Mexican Dance and makes your fingers dance along in rhythm….The emotional Barcarolle is a perfect example of music to accompany a ride in a gondola in Venice. It’s key of f# minor is actually quite comfortable and there is a thrilling climax in the middle…. Pinwheels is an absolute thriller with 8th notes swirling non-stop throughout its 26 measures. The pieces in Book 2 are a little more challenging than in the first book.

Book 2 Songs:

  • Skeleton Bones
  • Autumn Haze
  • Ping Pong
  • Water Wheel
  • Kalahari
  • Mexican Dance
  • Barcarolle
  • Pinwheels

This book is part of the complete Events 4-Book Set.

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