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Events – Book 3


Great pieces for recitals, competitions, school and personal enjoyment. These pieces are winners with both children and adults. It is hard to stop playing these pieces. View full description of set and individual books below.

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Events Book 3, generally mid-intermediate in level, starts with a tri-mood composition Appalachian Air and Dance. The first section evokes a serene, meditative atmosphere and is free in tempo and spirit. The second section is tight in rhythm, urgent in mood and holds an inner melody reminiscent of “The Ghost of John” theme. The third part cuts loose with a bombastic barrage of triads and open 5ths in a kind of wild frenzy of cross rhythms and fireworks.

The Chase, next in line, is frequently named “my favorite” by the students perhaps because of the dazzling four octave minor scale at the end and because it lies well in the hands.

Spring Rain offers impressionistic effects with muted hidden melodies. Your pedaling technique is definitely challenged to achieve the semi-blurred and gracefully phrased  melodic line required here.

Alhambra is four pages long and probably the most difficult in the quartet of Events. Special features are two rather long trills in the RH, a free and personal cadenza of frolicking 16th notes and a melodic theme in thirds and triplets that is characteristic of Moorish Spain.

Book 3 Songs:

  • Appalachian Air and Dance
  • The Chase
  • Spring Rain
  • Alhambra

This book is part of the complete Events 4-Book Set.

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