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Events – Book 4


Great pieces for recitals, competitions, school and personal enjoyment. These pieces are winners with both children and adults. It is hard to stop playing these pieces. View full description of set and individual books below.

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Events Book 4 has a lot to live up to – following the pupil -pleasers and savers of Events Books 1, 2 and 3. The last piece in the Book 4 is called Sparklers and that is the very tone of the whole group. Probably the most contemporary in structure and harmony is Capriccio, number 1 in the set. When played fast and with a driving beat, it is dazzling…. More relaxed and traditional is We Are Going To Jamaica with 6ths and 3rds for comfort and a jaunty left hand alternating with the quarter note 6ths of the R.H.….Popular yet demanding technically is what describes Hurry Scurry.  The RH 8th-note figures form a catchy melodic pattern that make a kind of perpetual motion. Your technique improves dramatically as you work on it and , in the end, you have a wonderful encore-type piece for all occasions…. Dipsydoodle is a jazzy little piece that grabs your attention and holds the interest of the listeners as well. Made of all minor thirds and minor triads, it is fun to play. The three measures to really practice is the two-handed chromatic scale an octave apart on the second page. Whew! Now that is a passage well worth working on!….and now the final piece has arrived. Sparklers is brilliant and exciting, but a bit of a teaser to memorize. Analysis makes it easier and the final three FF chords confirm your accomplishment in this piece as well as all the previous important  events in this series called Events, by Bernard Shaak.

Book 4 Songs:

  • Capriccio
  • We Are Going To Jamaica
  • Hurry Scurry
  • Dipsydoodle
  • Sparklers

This book is part of the complete Events 4-Book Set.

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