Piano Partners – Book 1


In this series for beginning pianists, the foundation is laid for many musical and technical skills. The student will develop a feel for the keyboard, for rhythm, for harmony, for the musical line and for the very essence of music. View full description of set and individual books below.

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Piano Partners Book 1 has been tried, tested, enjoyed and appreciated by thousands of students and their teachers for many years. It is a classic in its approach! When the beginning piano student can play all six variations of I Love Coffee it is an important event…. basic rhythm patterns, such as Jingle bells, Colorado Mountains and Hippity Hop are fun to play and they establish a fundamentally firm hand position. In addition, they make it possible to perform rhythms not easily read until months later…. Bass patterns for improvisation provide the platform the student needs to develop his/her own creative ideas. Duets are an important part of the collection, such as Skip to My Lou and French Folk Song, designed to encourage family participation in the early music education process. The beginnings of technical exercises are illustrated in exercises called simply Chords and Legato. Pieces such as Frere Jacques and Row Row Row can be played as a duet at first and then as a solo, illustrating the extraordinary capacity of the piano – to make melody and harmony simultaneously.

This book is part of the Piano Partners 3-Book Set.

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