Piano Partners – Book 3


In this series for beginning pianists, the foundation is laid for many musical and technical skills. The student will develop a feel for the keyboard, for rhythm, for harmony, for the musical line and for the very essence of music. View full description of set and individual books below.

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Piano Partners Book 3 features transposition, duets, technical patterns /exercises and music of many different cultures, as did PP 1 and PP 2. New to this third book is an original duet arrangement of The New River Train; the chromatic scale in an exercise form; chord jumps; a trill exercise and the first and second inversions of chords. Contrapuntal styles are found in Frere Jacques, Winter Goodbye and Minstrels. An ever- wider variety of accompaniment styles are used in this book; the designated transposition piece Tarantella is in a minor key. One of the many charms of this book is the wide variety of musical cultures represented: Swedish, French, German, Flemish, Italian, English, Brazilian, Austrian, Irish, Israeli, Latin American, Gypsy and, of course, American. Little wonder that the budding pianist has obtained a background for further exploration of the vast piano repertoire.

This book is part of the Piano Partners 3-Book Set.

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